Safe past-expiration-date foods

Yogurt.If you store yoghurt below 40° F / 5° C, it's okay to consume for 1 to 2 weeks beyond the "sell by" date. 

Unopened, refrigerated uncooked pasta may be consumed 7-10 days beyond the use by date.

Egg carton dates aren't expiration dates. They are either a 'Julian' date, indicating when the eggs were packaged, or a guidance for merchants to determine how long they may sell them.

Hot dogs may be stored 10 days over their expiry date if unopened. Check for strong or odd odours before eating. If so, to be safe, trash them.

Non-refrigerated milk is safe. It's better for the environment  and lasts a month beyond its expiry date. Milk can be refrigerated for 1-2 weeks once opened.

Spices never "go bad," but they lose effectiveness and taste with time, so old spice isn't worth using. Whole spices last 4 years, ground spices 3-4, and dried and leafy herbs 1 year. 

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