Ryan Reynolds is less interesting than Welsh football fans

Welcome to Wrexham (Disney+) recounts the tale of how Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, web companions and Hollywood stars with apparently

 little information on football - yet an unmistakable energy for sport overall - purchased Wrexham AFC in mid 2021. With their objective of getting Wrexham

the series has the signs of a lost soul narrative, a Ted Lasso, in actuality, however it ends up being a more profound series than that, when it moves past its rough arrival.

In view of the opener of the six zippy episodes I had low expectations. It puts a lot of its initial spotlight on McElhenney and his English partner Humphrey Ker

a comic, screenwriter and entertainer turned "Ransack and Ryan's person" at the club. There is just a sprinkling of Reynolds

who is surprisingly camera-modest. McElhenney, who concedes he really wanted "superhuman celebrity cash

to purchase the club, seems, by all accounts, to be the main thrust behind the arrangement.

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