Rickie Fowler changes team

Rickie Fowler once ruled golf. The 2015 Players Championship champion has struggled in recent years and is making adjustments.

Fowler parted ways with caddy Joe Skovron in August. Now he's leaving John Tillery.
ESPN's Tillery praised the golfer.

Tillery said I adore him. This profession can be gut-wrenching. As a coach, nothing beats seeing your players achieve. The X's and O's are simple, but getting it done may be difficult, and we didn't. 

"I couldn't love the man any more, and we gave it a good go, but it was almost like speaking another language," Fowler told Golfweek. I wish I had performed better to match his team's triumph

Our time together was valuable. Last decade wasn't wasted. I learned a lot and feel excellent."