Retirees could get extra $1,800 a year

A huge expansion backed the Social Security check, and in fact, confidence is soaring for help with the high costs of doctor-prescribed drugs.

As gas, food and rent costs rise, the expansion is dire for low-wage shoppers, including a large number of retirees who don't have much investment funds.

However, due to the expansion of the floodgates, those who collect Social Security benefits can expect a payment typically 8% to 9% higher in 2023, according to early estimates.

In total, a retiree could see an extra $150 per month, should the 9% cost change for most everyday items under Social Security for next year, to a current benefit model of $1,656 per month.

 in the month A typical cost would be an additional $1,800 per year to replace most everyday items in this model.

We would have to wait until October for changes to the average authorization cost for most everyday items.

"It will probably be the largest paid queue at any time in the entire existence of the program," said Mary Johnson

Social Security strategy specialist for the League of Senior Citizens, a philanthropic gathering.

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