Reactions From NASCAR World To The Important Bubba Wallace Decision

Earlier this week, 23XI Racing made a crucial choice involving Bubba Wallace.

Wallace will move from the No. 23 car to the No. 45 car for the remainder of the season, according to the NASCAR team owned by Michael Jordan.

Wallace is transferring over since 23XI Racing is still in the running for the ownership title.Wallace is happy.Fans of NASCAR are also curious.

"Actually, I appreciate how he seems to be 45. The strain of the 23 is great. And somehow it simply fits him better. For the remainder of the year, it was an obvious choice,

 but I'm curious about the potential strategy for '23 (for the 23rd!). Maybe KyB finds having the flagship car more alluring? "a follower said.

I had the same concept, except the Busch bit. Driving the 23 puts a lot of strain on Michael Jordan, so perhaps leaving him in the 45 would help him relieve some of that pressure

NASCAR World Reacts to the Kurt Busch and Bubba Wallace Decision

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