Rating Deshaun Watson's Forced Apology Video

It took over a year, multiple press conferences, a sea of vitriol, and the continued threat of a year long suspension, but Deshaun Watson FINALLY apologized for his conduct last Friday before his first appearance in an NFL football game

We will get to the video of said apology in just a minute, but let's reset the journey of remorselessness that got us here.

In his first appearance behind a microphone since January 2021, at his introductory press conference after signing a record setting contract with the Cleveland Browns, Watson was asked if he had any regrets.

Not great, although it should be pointed out that, at that time, he was still intent on fighting the 22 lawsuits (which became 24 lawsuits) against him, so perhaps he saw an expression of regret as an admission of guilt.

Fast forward to the Browns minicamp, and Watson's first media session in a practice setting, and he was given ANOTHER opportunity to say that he is sorry.

This time, he SORT OF apologized to seemingly everybody EXCEPT his accusers. He apologized to his family, his teammates, the Browns organization, the Browns fans, and "people all around the world"

I guess perhaps his philosophy was that his accusers are a subset of the "people around the world" category. Regardless, it was another swing and miss for Watson.

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