Python Bite 'Beyond Imagined Capabilities'

Aman, bitten by a coastal carpet python, stated the bite was "above the snake's powers

Kane Durrant, a snake catcher and wildlife conservator in New South Wales, Australia, was bitten by the snake following a road rescue. The snake bit his wrist, leaving him with two big gashes.

"It felt like a knife ripping off my wrist," Durrant told Newsweek. "My artery spurted blood about six feet, which was scary."

Carpet pythons grow between 6.6 to 13.1 feet in Australia and New Guinea. As non-venomous pets, they seldom bite unless provoked.

After the snake was extracted from my arm, I administered first aid," Durrant stated. Durrant said he was damaged beyond the species' capacities in an Instagram post. Durrant needed emergency surgery.

After the attack, he posted photos and a video of his injuries and rehabilitation on social media. A year after the incident, scars remain.

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