'Pretty Woman' actress brings new depth to familiar character

For the individuals who could come to the Broadway visiting creation of "Beautiful Woman" hoping to see the 1990 film reproduced in front of an audience, Olivia Valli has three useful tidbits.

"Watch the film," Valli said. "In reality, I figure simply repeating the film would be something of a damage — to the actual show, and to the crowd

Valli plays the part of Vivian, the Hollywood call young lady who is offered the opportunity to go with Edward, a rich magnate visiting Los Angeles.

What starts as simply a conditional relationship becomes something more profound as the week wears on.

"This is a considerably more adapted piece," Valli said during a new phone discussion.

"There's more accentuation on the parody, and it's likewise been given a more grounded story that is more with regards to the present time.

"For a certain something, there are more open doors for Vivian to leave, at whatever point she believes she's being slighted," Valli said.

"Her process is truly one of her seeing her own value and finding that there is this gathering who are pulling for her, who are needing to help her things to cause her to understand her own power.

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