PGA Tour declines renewal for LIV-affiliated players

Members of the LIV have been told they cannot re-join the PGA Tour.For the 2022–2023 season, members like Phil Mickelson, who held a lifetime membership in the past, will not be able to play.

The LIV players have been banned from the circuit indefinitely.On Friday, the PGA Tour officially announced that it will not renew the

memberships of any players who are also members of the competing LIV Golf league for the 2022–23 season.

Sports Illustrated stated earlier that day that the ruling will prevent LIV players from participating in PGA Tour tournaments from the 2022–2023. Players who had defected to the LIV league,

which had the support of Saudi Arabia, had been banned from the PGA Tour permanently back in June, so this change makes sense.

A PGA spokesman told CNBC on Friday that the players' contracts with LIV preclude them from meeting the league's membership standards, making them ineligible for renewal.

PGA Tour is being sued by Phil Mickelson, who claims to have gone on

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