Paulo Fonseca after Lille’s 7-1 loss to PSG

Following Lille's 7-1 whipping because of Paris Saint-Germain, Les Dogues' chief Paulo Fonseca was inflexible that his group would go on with a similar style of play regardless of the weighty loss.

"Obviously, seven is a ton. However, I'm not excessively irate with my players, since it's our way of thinking.

At the point when you construct a group - and we shouldn't fail to remember that we had two great games - and you ask your players for courage, you can't be quick to show dread."

"How could I change things? We changed nothing, in any event, when we yielded the objective, we attempted to squeeze high up and to play, and we had a couple of good minutes.

This is our way of thinking, it's our personality. The players showed fortitude.

We can improve protectively, obviously. However, the main thing is our personality. It gives me faith later on."

"I need to bring the players back up, we will break down the game, however we need to think to the following one.

For the following game, I need a similar boldness. We need to learn.

I don't maintain that this rout should influence what we're building. I need players who can respond."