Painful deaths

Crucifixion.Most people link crucifixion with Jesus Christ's death, yet it dates to the 6th century BCE.

Most pictures show nails through palms, which is historically inaccurate.

Drowning is quick yet unpleasant. Drowning causes fear and hyperventilation. Instead of air, they'll breathe water.Laryngospasm results. Breathing water hurts the most. 

This type of execution is said to be less painful than others, although not necessarily.
The most common treatment includes a barbiturate and anaesthesia

Burning to death is horrifying. Our skin contains many nerves, thus burns are excruciating.Not to mention breathing in smoke and hot air, which can cause choking and burn anything in its path.

Freezing to death is far from calm. Not at all. Early-stage hypothermia causes uncontrollable shivering.
Muscle tightness and brain dysfunction follow. 

Excruciating pain frequently precedes a heart attack, unlike other causes of mortality on this list. Signs might be painful.

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