Oregons power interruptions may reduce fire threat

Friday brought wildfire and power disruption threats beyond California. Due to heavy winds, Oregon intentionally cut electricity to tens of thousands of consumers

Local utilities cut electricity to prevent flames in dry, hot weather. Pacific Northwest power outages due to intense fire conditions are very new.

The Cedar Creek Fire in central Oregon was of particular concern Friday.

“The east winds are driving the fire west and we'll have extremely severe fire conditions through Saturday,” a spokeswoman said

Utility providers implement a "Public Safety Power Shutoff" in regions with significant wildfire dange. Downed power lines might ignite or intensify a wildfire, the website claimed.

More than 40,000 customers, including those in Portland's upscale West Hills district, might lose power by late Friday as 60 mph gusts and high 80s and low 90s temperatures hit some locations.

Schools in projected power loss zones cancelled lessons, and officials warned people to charge smartphones and be ready to flee.

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