One of Hollywood's Most Storied Estates Gets a Second Act

The past few years have seen residents of Southern California's most famous zip codes demolish elegant estates, often replaced with boxy megamansion.

This appeared as a one-sided trend until many buyers of homes built in the 1920s reversed course, showing that it is possible for money and taste to work together.

The best example of this change in direction is the carefully planned renovation of a house known as the Beverly Estate by financier and philanthropist Nicholas Berggren.

After eyeing the historic residence for some time, Berggren bought it in 2021 with that same commitment in mind.

He was fascinated by its design, its pedigree, the people who lived there and those who visited. "It's a unique property," he says now, "so dramatic and dramatic, and so beautiful too."

That elegance has always been the point. The property was built because Union Bank co-founder Milton Getz bought eight acres behind the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1924.

One of the leading residential architects in Southern California when the film business was first flourishing there.

 To design a 20-room home that included a two-story library for rare books collected by Getz's wife, Estelle.

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