Olivia Wilde brushes off all 

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ controversies during Colbert appearance

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Olivia Wilde addressed the drama around her highly anticipated film“Don’t Worry Darling”including Shia LaBeouf’s tumultuous departure from the film,“Spit-Gate”and her apparent feud with Florence Pugh.

Wilde, 38, who directed the film, appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday, ahead of the psychological thriller’s release on Friday, maintaining the drama is on-screen only.

Wilde said she acted in the best interest of lead actress Pugh to keep her “safe” from LaBeouf —

 who was originally cast as the male lead before being replaced by Harry Styles — when pressed by Colbert about the situation.

“Once it became clear that it was not a tenable working relationship, I was given an ultimatum,” she told the host.

“I chose my actress, which I’m very happy I did,” she continued. “At the time, was I bummed that we weren’t able to make it work? Sure. 

Did information about him come to light later that made me confident we made the right decision? Absolutely.”

Wilde said he gave her an ultimatum between her and Pugh, saying she chose Pugh and she thinks she and LaBeouf see his departure from the film differently.

“When he gave me the ultimatum of him or Florence, I chose Florence, and that was him feeling he was stepping away, and me feeling like we were moving on without him,” she explained.

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