Off-Duty Firefighter, Nurse Wife Save Neighbor’s Life

On Aug. 5, a Friday, Chris Favorin was working at home while watching his 6½-month-old granddaughter, Layne.

At around 4:30 p.m. when Layne's father picked her up from school, he went downstairs to complete his daily workout,

a high-intensity interval programme that involved one minute on and one minute off. He performs contract IT work for the federal government.

As soon as she had them in her car in the driveway, she asked Siri to locate the nearest emergency medical care. 

Their York Haven house was around 10 minutes distant in Manchester. I was so agitated that I couldn't even phone 911, Villarreal claimed.

Favorin believed that he wouldn't make it if they had to make that drive. He saw that both of his neighbours' cars were in the driveway as he turned to look across the street.

Rebuking new climate law

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