No good outcomes in latest Armenia-Azerbaijan fighting

Two years ago, the frozen conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over a long-disputed territory turned hot, 

leading to thousands dead and more regional power for Baku. 

Now there’s renewed fighting, this time featuring direct attacks on Armenia proper by Azerbaijani forces — 

threatening the lives of many still reeling from the last battle and giving Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN a new headache.

The latest round of violence led to the deaths of at least 49 Armenian troops, the country’s Prime Minister NIKOL PASHINYAN said, as well as 50 dead Azerbaijani forces. 

Armenia claimed Azerbaijan’s military perched on Armenia’s border used drones, artillery, mortars

and small-arms fire to target the border towns of Kapan, Goris, Sev Lake, Jermuk, Stok and Artanish.

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