NFL World Reacts To Tom Brady 'Zero Respect' News

In his heart of hearts, retired NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick believes he is "that mother f--ker" Tom Brady was referring to in his famous 2021 quote.

During a recent appearance on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take, Fitzpatrick said Brady showed him "zero respect" as an NFL opponent.

"It had to be me," he said. "Zero respect. He'd never shake my hand.

"I've told this story before, but he just pisses me off. Because you're in Buffalo, you're playing New England, they're kicking our ass every single year they're beating us. 

We finally in 2011 knocked them off. It was right at the beginning of the season. 

We had this great start and he threw five interceptions in the game, which was just wonderful to see every single one of them. Just wonderful to see.

"And (Brady would) run straight off. Like, no handshake, no quarterback middle of the field, no, 'Where are the cameras? OK, hey, stay healthy buddy.' 

Just ran straight off. So it bothered me so much because there was no respect there. Every time I played him after that, I was like 'All right, let's make this dude respect me.'"

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to these comments from Fitzpatrick.
"The misconception is that Tom Brady is a good guy. I’ve always seen him as disingenuous," one fan wrote.

"Respect is earned, not given. Beside lasting in the the nfl as a journeyman for 15 years, what has he done to earn any sort of respect? More or less to the likes of Tom Brady?" another said.

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