NFL World Reacts To Russell Wilson Sideline Video

Russell Wilson was trying every possible tactic to give the Denver Broncos an edge over the Seattle Seahawks during their clash on Monday night. 

NFL Films released a video of Wilson telling his teammates on Denver's sideline to yell "run" or "pass" when the Seahawks were on offense. 

The brief clip of Wilson encouraging his teammates to help out the defense went viral on social media. 

Believe it or not, NFL fans aren't very fond of Wilson's antics. 

"Someone on the sideline shoulda yelled 'timeout' when they wasted 30 seconds on 4th and 5," one fan tweeted.

"For a player who’s history is a bit shaky with teammates liking’ll be interesting to see how it works out," a second fan said.

"Lol. This is high school stuff," another fan wrote. 

The Broncos ultimately fell short to the Seahawks in their season opener. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett made some bizarre decisions in the final minute of the game. 

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