NFL QB Week 2:Josh Allen claims the No.1 spot 

Ranking quarterbacks, at its core, is a subjective exercise.

In doing so, I'm choosing to lean heavily on career sample size out of the gate.

The first few weeks of an NFL season are exploratory and volatile. 

The most striking visual we have of Aaron Rodgers from Sunday is the agitated quarterback bent out of shape on the sideline. 

Whipping his hands about. Using the language of a sailor.

Not that different from a year ago, when Rodgers and the Packers looked asleep at the wheel in a 38-3 implosion against the Saints.

 Ultimately, MVP voters weren't swayed an inch by that ill opener when handing him the award for a second straight season.

That's why Rodgers -- along with a handful of other rough-start passers -- aren't hanging out in the basement of these rankings.

 If last Sunday happens seven more times to Green Bay's ayahuasca-loving signal-caller, I'll be singing a different tune.

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