NFL: Justin Herbert "Not Out Of The Woods Yet"

Will the Chargers have Justin Herbert under center this Sunday against the Jaguars? That's a question that many fans want answered as soon as possible. 

On Friday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network provided an update on Herbert's injury status. 

Herbert suffered a fracture to his rib cartilage last week against the Chiefs. He stayed in the game, albeit he was visibly in a lot of pain. 

The Chargers had Herbert at practice Thursday, which is an encouraging sign.

"The biggest question is how functional is Justin Herbert? This is not a long-term injury, but certainly a painful injury," Rapoport said.

"You just don't want one of the young stars in the game out there unless he's fully like himself. 

We'll see on this one where it ends up. It's all been good so far, but I'm not so sure Justin Herbert is out of the woods just yet."

"He's gotten a lot of rest since the last game," Staley said. "He's feeling more comfortable.

 I know that he was able to do some light throwing yesterday, some rotational work, but we're just going to take it day by day and see where his comfort level is."

Herbert has been exceptional to start this season. He has 613 passing yards and six touchdowns in two games. 

If Herbert is ruled out for Sunday's game, Chase Daniel will start at quarterback.

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