NASCAR World Reacts To Dale Earnhardt Jr's Announcement


Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced a plethora of strategic changes for his businesses this Thursday.

For starters, Kelley Earnhardt Miller will take on the role of CEO for all of Dale's companies. He's very confident that his sister will do an excellent job.

"Kelley is one of the most prominent businesspeople in motorsports and for good reason," Earnhardt Jr. said. 

"She is a brilliant mind and proven leader. Making her CEO is long overdue,

but if we are going to position our businesses to maximize their potential and equip our people with the organizational support they need to succeed, there's no better leader than Kelley."

Another notable change made this Thursday is that Mike Davis is now the president and executive producer of Dirty Mo Media. 

Tony Mayhoff, meanwhile, will be responsible for "lead management of the Dale Jr. brand as vice president, strategy and development, for DEJ Management."

L.W. Miller was also mentioned in Thursday's press release. He has been named the senior vice president of Motorsports. 

Judging by the reactions on social media, NASCAR fans are confident that Kelley will hold down the fort for JR Motorsports. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a press release documenting the latest strategic executive changes on his Twitter account. His post included this comment: "These new roles are all very well deserved."

Time will tell if JR Motorsports benefits from these changes.

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