NASCAR stars excited by Kimi Raikkonen’s Cup debut

Chase Elliott is captivated to watch Kimi Raikkonen this end of the week, yet the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion is as intrigued to hear the 2007 Formula One winner.

Raikkonen, a 21-time champ north of a 20-year profession in F1, will be attempting to polish his resume by wrestling a stock vehicle around a street course in NASCAR's head series interestingly.

"NASCAR has a specific discernment about it to most of the world, so whenever you have somebody come submerge themselves in the stuff in the everyday part of it.

"Coming to a race is an effective method for making it happen, however to really submerge somebody who is a race vehicle driver that can appreciate and figure out the difficulties of it.

To welcome and have folks from these other series across the world that have overall acknowledgment and among our motorsport peers that neglect us.

That is the best way to develop is to attempt to get more eyes on the game. At the point when you have somebody who is a title holder like Kimi come over.

He could come over believing it's the greatest joke of all time. Or on the other hand he could come here and do great. Or then again he could come over and battle.

That large number of results might actually influence his perspective. However, as a driver and enthusiast of what we have happening here, I believe truly cool he's coming."

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