NASA announces third'mega moon rocket' launch date

NASA's "giant moon rocket" will try a third launch on Sept. 27.The six-person Orion spacecraft atop the 30-story Space Launch System (SLS), called the "giant moon rocket," was set to launch on Aug. 29

First two launches were thwarted by technical issues. NASA cancelled the initial launch attempt because engineers couldn't cool one of the rocket's four RS-25 engines in time.

The agency blamed a defective temperature sensor for the situation. During the second attempt, an alarm rang while the rocket was being filled 

with supercooled liquid hydrogen, alerting engineers of a gap in one of its engines' seals. NASA engineers attempted three times to stop the leak.

NASA stated the leak happened at a "quick disconnect" between the SLS core stage and the mobile launch tower. The agency replaced two seals at the leak spot

Orion will travel 62 miles (100 km) over the moon's surface twice before returning to Earth 38 days after launch.

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