Mega Millions jackpot: How much will winner owe in taxes?

The billion-dollar Mega Millions big stake has at long last been guaranteed in Illinois in the wake of being bought at a Speedway gas station in Des Plaines.

Yet, what amount of that will wind up in the victor's pocket, and what amount will be owed in charges?

The expense bill relies upon whether the Mega Millions victor picks a money payout of $780.5 million or yearly installments adding up to $1.3 billion north of 29 years.

Illinois currently withholds 24 percent in federal taxes, and 4.95 percent in state income taxes, though that may not be the total tax obligation, depending on the winner’s financial situation.

In the event that the victor chooses to take the $780.5 million single amount, roughly $187.3 million in government expenses would be kept, notwithstanding $38.6 million in state charges.

 That would mean an expected bring back home payout of $554.6 million.

If the winner takes the full $1.337 billion in annual installments and tax rates don’t change over the next 29 years, an estimated $320.9 million in federal taxes would be withheld

 and an expected $66.2 in state assessments would be held back. That would mean an expected bring back home payout of $949.9 million more than 29 years.

The Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Didnt Pay 70% in Taxes

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