Love-lucky zodiac signs

Today offers peaceful, easygoing love luck. Today, we don't want to criticise our partner much. Love is hard, but today's generation has never known it; it's easy and without malice.

Today we will be tested on our ability to respect our lover's limits and get along without judging, putting down, or making them feel unworthy.

Aries. You think you've learned everything about love. You've had a rough few years romantically, and now all you want is tranquilly and someone you can trust to present it to you with a bow.

Leo.Venus makes you mature; you no longer seek love's troubles. This is a turning moment for you as you realise you don't need drama or anarchy to have a healthy love life.

Your old games are over, and now you'll realise that peace and compassion are more essential than testing your mate's jumping ability. Gone are the days of deliberately ruffling feathers. 

Virgo. You're a love veteran. You've had fantastic and painful days, and you'd rather spend time with someone you can trust. Moon's conjunction with Venus improves your love life.

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