Lizzie Pugh, 71, sues the bank after it refused to cash her casino jackpot winnings

One Michigan lady is suing after winning a casino jackpot but being unable to cash it out at the bank.

The prize was won on April 9 at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Two days later, she presented the check to a Fifth Third Bank in Livonia, Michigan, 

where she was astonished to learn that staff members would not only not cash her check but would also refuse to return it, claiming it was "fraudulent."

She departed the space. According to Pugh, who spoke to The Detroit Free Press, "She came back and she informed me that the check was counterfeit and she could not give it back to me. 

Pugh claims that when she first went into the bank, her intention was to create a checking account and make a first deposit of the check containing her earnings.

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