Legislative mistake kills California gun measure

A hazardous move by Gov. Gavin Newsom backfired on a plan to put new constraints on carrying concealed firearms after the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down earlier laws.

The Legislature approved more than a dozen gun control proposals. The concealed guns initiative failed Thursday after Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta,

and other Democratic proponents pushed for a two-thirds supermajority so the new laws could take effect this month instead of January.

The 80-member Assembly requires 54 votes. When bill proponents realised they were short, voter-established safeguards rendered it too late to pass with 41 "ayes."

Sen. Anthony Portantino, who sponsored the measure, said supporters were convinced they had enough votes until departing Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell voted against it.

"That was the killer," Portantino told the AP while waiting to fly home to Southern California. We got 54 votes till one failed.

New Yorks stricter gun laws begin Thursday

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