Korkmaz expelled, assaulted by Georgian players at EuroBasket

But the actual brawl allegedly broke out when Sanadze and a number of Georgian players who hadn't even dressed for the game assaulted Korkmaz

Here is the Turkish national basketball team's official statement, as reported by EuroHoops.net.

"While Furkan Korkmaz was walking in the hallway to the locker rooms with our trainer, Georgia's players who were not in the active roster attacked him together with the ejected player

Omer Onan, a former player and vice president of the Turkish federation, said.The athlete who goes to the locker room is fair game and should not be targeted for assault.

A total of thirty police officers pushed us into a brawl after the game ended.The official Georgian police and I got into a brawl

Nothing solid exists in any direction.Shengelia, the bench player, and three other spectators left the field to use the restroom.

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