Jupiter's orbit might have strange effects on Earth

Every planet we know circles the Sun. Planets orbit stars throughout the cosmos. Even little orbital shifts may have big effects. Changing Jupiter's orbit might warm Earth's coldest regions

, according to a new research. Jupiter's orbit might impact Earth's livability.Earth is the defining livable planet. 

Many scientists want to locate similar worlds. We may have found an inhabitable exoplanet that James Webb will study. A change in Jupiter's orbit might harm Earth, according to a new research.

The Astronomical Journal research implies a tweak in Jupiter's orbit might make regions of Earth more hospitable. This adjustment would flatten Jupiter's orbit, they suggest. 

 If so, the planet would approach Earth, changing its orbit.
Jupiter has a strong gravitational attraction due to its size.

Changing its orbit but keeping its location might increase Earth's capacity to sustain life. This adjustment in Jupiter's orbit would bring Earth closer to the Sun.

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