Jake Paul offers to quit boxing

Jake Paul has his own lawsuit over Dana White, one that involves an attempt to fundamentally change things for UFC contenders.

The YouTuber and VIP fighter gave the UFC president "real proof" and said he would quit boxing and join the fight against Jorge Masvidal if White met specific requirements.

This lawsuit comes after White recently stretched out in front of Paul, a known cocaine user, due to the feel of the fight.

White said that Paul could randomly test cocaine for the next 10 years if he could randomly test Paul for the next two steroids.

Paul's demands were quite complex and would amount to monetary relief for the UFC Warriors, but something reasonable that White did not agree with.

Increase base salary for combat warriors from $12,000 to $50,000;

  have the Warriors share 50% of the UFC's annual revenue;

  Provide remote medical services to all suitors.

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