Is Donald Trump's Popularity 'Through The Roof' Since FBI Raid?

Donald Trump's promises after the attack on his Mar-a-Lago home are part of the story the FBI investigation uncovered.

The accusation against the former president was that the agency planted evidence that the raid was to find Hillary Clinton's emails.

As well as calling for a "new election" to reinstate him.

Despite the real possibility of indictment, Trump also said the attacks, which did not damage his reputation, actually increased his popularity.

A tweet posted on Sept. 1, 2022, includes a video saying Donald Trump's vote numbers "exploded" due to the FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago. I'm here.

The poll Trump is referring to isn't clear. as he is no longer a political leader and has not been officially confirmed

With his intention to run for president in 2024, fewer people directly support his approval ratings than he did during his presidency.

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