Invincible Iron Man- A New Series from Marvel

According to Marvel Comics, Invincible Iron Man will return in December. 

Tony Stark appears to be headed for another downward spiral as a slew of assassins threatens the legendary hero.

Iron Man will usher in a new era this December, just in time for the character’s 60th birthday. 

The Armoured Avenger’s flagship solo title will begin a new run under the pen of X-Men writer Gerry Duggan and Avengers artist Juan Frigeri.

Iron Man #750, the next milestone issue that will give readers their first peek of what’s to come in this new chapter, will complete ...

Christopher Cantwell’s thought-provoking run on the comic book title and be followed by Invincible Iron Man.

The ongoing series will begin with Tony meditating on the highs and lows of his 60-year existence,

including bringing up some vintage armors and facing old scars, to overcome a catastrophic defeat at the hands of a Marvel villain who has recently been making ripples throughout the Marvel Universe.

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