With a major hurricane forecast to reach Florida early next week, the time to prepare is now

The Caribbean Sea is brewing a tropical cyclone that has the Florida Peninsula in its crosshairs, 

and forecasters warning of a rapid intensification that could slingshot the system to major hurricane strength as it nears the Sunshine State.

As of 2 p.m. Friday, the disturbance dubbed Tropical Depression Nine was still gaining strength in the Caribbean, 

National Hurricane Center meteorologists said the track forecast Friday was a spread from the eastern Gulf of Mexico to east of Miami, 

and could change significantly depending on the forward speed of the system and an expected dip in the jet team that will pick the system up and move it east. 

 The question is where will it pick it up and when.

The hurricane center is expected to upgrade Tropical Depression 10, which is off the coast of Africa

and expected to dissipate quickly, to Tropical Storm Hermine at 5 p.m. That would make TD Nine, Ian. 

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