How to download new stickers for whatsapp

we open whatsapp How is it normal?

Now it doesn’t matter whether we go to a conversation or a group.

When you’re about to compose a message, you’ll see an emoji to the left of where you can type Smiley face, You have to press it.

Once inside, in the options that appear at the top, you need to click on the option that appears on the far right, i.e. stickers,

When you’re inside them, you’ll see + symbol In the upper right, which should be pressed.

Once pressed you will enter the list of official stickers that you will be able to download.

When you find one you like, all you have to do is click on green arrow Which is inside a circle of the same color.

Then you will see how it starts to download, then to get a green clickIt shows that it has already been downloaded.

If we go back, we will see how they already appear in our list of stickers for WhatsApp, to be able to use them whenever we want and in a chat or group.

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