Horse saves rider from woods monster

In the outdoors, it's important to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times.
Keep company, even if it's only an animal.

In reality, an animal could be preferable since they are inherently more sensitive to the environment around them and their non-human senses might detect things that simple people cannot.

Consider this horse, who decided all of a sudden that it was too scary to continue along this trail through the woods.

Theories from Bigfoot and fairies to UFOs and the rake of Appalachian folklore occupy the minds of viewers.

One could object, "That's simply a tape of a horse whinny," before horse lovers chime in to express surprise at the claim that so many horses share that noise.

Reno-based meteorologist Amanda Young of the National Weather Service had previously warned that a 'dense' layer of dust may be as much as a few hundred feet deep.

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