Hidden Meanings in Popular Tattoos

Tattoos are a very personal choice to permanently alter your appearance. Turning skin into a canvas might be a strong statement that covers a whole limb or a modest gesture of subtle symbolism

Star tattoos indicate distant things that light above every night. In rare circumstances, the creative design might include important constellations, or someone's zodiac sign.

Some tattoos have stayed legendary for generations. By the late 19th century, 90% of British naval personnel had an anchor tattoo or mark, according to The Guardian.

Some tattoos require hours or days of linework and shading. Other popular tattoos are just inked lines. A simple-looking black wristband has a deeper significance.

Urban tales abound with tattoos that indicate crime or incarceration. While each person's ink is unique, cobwebs are often associated with jail.

Tattoos often memorialise a personal struggle or achievement. Semicolons are a common picture. The punctuation mark is used in lieu of a period to enable a sentence to continue rather than finish

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