Great Salt Lake have caused alarm

Unknown white mounds that have appeared over Great Salt Lake have caused anxiety.

The emergence of unusual white mounds along the Great Salt Lake's coast has park rangers in Utah both frightened and perplexed.

Rangers have observed odd white mounds sprouting up along the shores of the lake's typically flat southern shoreline during the past few winters.

The mounds caused Angelic Anderson and other Great Salt Lake State Park rangers to become so worried that they sought assistance from other state authorities, she told Gizmodo.

We were quite worried, she said. "In search of information, one of our rangers phoned the Utah Geological Survey."

The formations, which are normally uncommon, are brought to the surface by subsurface water reacting with minerals.

White crystals are created when the mixture reacts with the cold air, and they solidify to form the chalky, white mounds.

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