Gen 1's Coolest Pikachu Evolution Killed by Pichu

The Pokémon world is continually evolving, although several generations have introduced new evolutions or regional varieties to Pokémon that have existed in prior games, and some

have even supplanted one another. Pichu, a pre-evolved variant of Pikachu, was introduced in the second Pokémon generation, although it came with a price.

Pichu is one of numerous infant Pokémon in the series, a group that's proven famous throughout the years. Pokémon GO formerly included a Little Cup event for baby Pokémon

In Pokémon Gen 1, Pikachu only evolves into Raichu with a Thunder Stone. Not always. An interview from 2018 with top Pokémon artists and designers, translated by Siliconera, confirmed as much

In it, another Pikachu evolution was planned after Raichu. Gorochu would have had fangs and horns, differentiating it from the Pikachu family.

The back of Gorochu's sprite was released with other Gen 1 beta images in early 2019, however the Pokémon was shelved owing to game balance difficulties.

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