Former NFL GM Has Harsh Comment About Ezekiel Elliott

1 offense last season, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott didn't have his best season in 2021.

Still, the former NFL chief supervisor admits he probably won't get a chance to get back into shape.

On Wednesday's issue of ESPN's Get Up, former Jets and Dolphins senior supervisor Mike Tannenbaum announced that he doesn't fully accept the Cowboys

making Ezekiel the focal point of their 2022 offense. He pointed to his lack of rush per game. and said the Cowboys are "in the mill" with him in that job.

"Zeke Elliott was in the news yesterday..." Tannenbaum said. "Assuming they commit their crime through him, they're fine."

This is a very serious review. Still, there's no denying that Elliott wasn't a comparable sprinter in 2021 when he joined the association in 2016 and surprised the NFL.

Ezekiel Elliott has scored 2,000 yards in more than two seasons — not a 400 in two years in his career so far.

 Last year — regardless of when each of the 17 games started — Elliott received a career average of 13.9 per game while splitting his time with Toni Pollard.

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