Football community shows support for Mike Zimmer

The Vikings lost their mentor Mike Zimmer for something like one game after crisis eye a medical procedure Wednesday night

At the point when news broke Zimmer would miss Thursday night's down against Dallas, sports TV characters started changing their tone about the end-product.

Skirt Bayless said on his Fox Sports 1 morning show he got to know Zimmer during his days in Dallas and "He is a players sort of mentor.

I think there is love for him in that storage space, so they will play considerably more enthusiastically

Nate Burleson, the previous Vikings beneficiary and NFL Network examiner, said on Good Morning Football Thursday

it doesn't influence the game an excess of on the grounds that when we're on the field and one of the mentors is missing

we sort of view at it as a player missing with the following person up mindset.

Most groups set themselves up for this present circumstance.

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