First President to Win a Competitive Emmy is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama may now replace the Nobel Peace Prize on his mantelpiece with an Emmy Award. He is the only former president to ever win an Emmy in a competitive category

thanks to his work on the Netflix documentary "Our Great National Parks" and his award for Outstanding Narrator.

While Dwight D. Eisenhower earned a Primetime Emmy Governors Award in 1956 for his "appreciation of television," the year after he delivered the first broadcast news conference, 

he beat Obama to the Emmy punch by around 66 years, making him the first president to do so.

Even though televised news conferences weren't common until John F. Kennedy's administration, the Television Academy seemed to appreciate Eisenhower's attempts to advance the fledgling medium.

Obama did win the Nobel Peace Prize, for which Eisenhower was merely nominated, if that's any solace to him.

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