Finally explaining his 11-day absence is Tom Brady

The introduction typically starts here, but since we have so much going on right now, there is NO TIME for one. Everything that occurred over the weekend, which was a lot, has to be recapped.

If you were offline for the previous 48 hours, you might not have heard about Tom Brady's first press conference in almost a month

the Bills cutting their top punter, a wounded mascot, or a rookie Commanders player who was shot during an attempted heist but is now recovering.

As for me, I can hardly survive off the grid due in large part to the fact that I live with a child, so I can safely say that I was not off the grid over the weekend. 

The NFL's requirement that all 32 clubs reduce their rosters from 80 to 53 players by tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET is expected to result in complete mayhem during the next 24 hours.

 You can see who has been released by visiting our cuts tracker here. We'll talk about the cuts a lot more tomorrow. Some teams have already begun to make cuts.

In September, NASA will send a spaceship hurtling into a 525-foot-wide asteroid

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