Fans Flee Wiz Khalifa Concert in Indianapolis After Reports of Shots Fired

A Wiz Khalifa concert abruptly ended as people reportedly fled the venue amidst a shooting scare during the show in Indianapolis.

Chaos has broken out at the Wiz Khalifa concert as attendees were seen running amidst a shooting scare during an Indianapolis performance.

The rapper was playing a show at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville when an unspecified incident sent people running.

The concert venue is reportedly being evacuated.
The concert also featured popular rapper Logic, The US Sun reports.

The show began at 6.30pm local time at the Indiana concert venue.

People at the concert reported that Logic had completed his set and Wiz Khalifa was about six songs in when chaos erupted.

Multiple concert attendees and witnesses have taken to social media to share their accounts of the possible shooting.

Rory Appleton, a reporter with the IndyStar, tweeted: “People were screaming about shooting. We all ran out … climbed fences, did anything to get out.”

“I am out. I did not see or hear any shots. I was upfront stage left, and the running seemed to come from the lawn stage right. A lot of young kids at this show.

People running out into the corn fields and calling home as we all ran out of the employee entrance,” Appleton continued.

“I left before people started running and while I was at the gate there was a horde of people running,” another person tweeted.

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