F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet Breaks Sound Barrier In Epic Fly-By At Sea

On the deck of a ship, onlookers congregate with their phones and cameras ready. It's obvious that the audience is waiting for something to appear in the sky. 

We swiftly discover the cause of the commotion. We can make out a fast-approaching aircraft off in the distance. 

We observe a vapour cloud erupting around an F-35 Lightning II fighter plane from a considerable distance away, signalling humid conditions low in the sky and close to the ocean.

Then, the plane soars by at an above-sound speed. Only the aircraft's engines are audible to observers until the jet has passed 

and the shock wave that followed it passes across their area. The sonic boom may be heard at that point.

Now let's discuss the vapour cone. Contrary to popular belief, that is not when the fighter jet breaks the sound barrier and makes a sonic boom.

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