Ethereum Merge affects holders

Ethereum investors anticipate the 13th Merge. The Ethereum Merge will hurt ETH holders since price volatility is anticipated to worsen as price speculations persist. ETH holders must be ready

 for the Merge, when Ethereum will switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.

The switch from PoW to PoS means ETH miners can no longer mine, thus they're forking ETH to preserve a PoW version to continue mining. ETH PoW tokens will shortly be airdropped to ETH holders. 

For the Ethereum merge and ETH PoW token, you must have full control of your ETH tokens. Full control over forked coins is possible with a hardware wallet that enables forking. 

 If you own Eth on an exchange, you may or may not get forked tokens.

Unwrap wETH tokens. The goal is complete Ethereum mainnet engagement. Unwrapping the tokens interacts with the ETH mainnet, and you'll get ETH PoW tokens following the Merge.

After Ethereums Merge, Bitcoins Price May Crash

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