Dallas First Responders Rescue Drivers From Flooded Cars After Flash Flooding

Heavy rain led to flash flooding in Dallas, leaving some drivers stranded and others fleeing their cars as high water swept them off the road.

Dallas police worked to rescue stranded drivers after several vehicles were partially submerged at Cesar Chavez and Interstate 45 in Dallas.

One man was seen sitting on the roof of his car until first responders could get him to safety.

Another driver of a pickup truck that was almost completely submerged was also rescued, the water was up to their shoulders as they walked to safety.

Drivers were also rescued off Lemmon Avenue near Inwood where water floated several cars down the street.

Another hard-hit area was near Baylor Scott & White's emergency room. Several drivers had to abandon their cars when fast-moving flood waters carried them.

"How scared was I? Baby, I almost drowned in this car, I had to kick this door open to get out of this car," one woman told NBC 5's Larry Collins.

Another woman and her kids had to get out of their car when water started floating her car and she said it was as high as her driver's side window.