Crimson wave? GOP's autumn sprint loses steam

Even as Democrats face their president's dismal standing, profound voter pessimism, and the weight of history this fall,

senior Republicans admit that their party's edge may be shrinking as the 2022 midterm elections begin the final two-month sprint.

As Donald Trump's hand-picked candidates in key states like Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania struggle to extend their appeal, the political landscape

The Supreme Court's shocking decision in June to abolish abortion rights, which provoked a quick response even in the reddest of red states

Republican pollster of some experience, Neil Newhouse, said that "this midterm looks and feels dramatically different than it did six months ago.

"the abortion verdict has electrified certain groups, mainly the Democratic constituency, and it has put a wrench, at least to some degree, into the aspirations of capturing a tonne of seats."

Trump claims the FBI never searched Bidens home

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