Couple discovers $290,000 in 400-year-old coins concealed beneath the home's flooring.

A couple who discovered a cache of gold coins dating back more than 400 years is set to get a payout of about $300,000.

While their North Yorkshire home's floor was being restored, the 264-piece gold cache was discovered.

They were fascinated to discover a ceramic cup around the size of a Coke can when they lifted the flooring of the 18th-century building.

They didn't realise they had been living over a cache worth $290,000 (£250,000) for the preceding ten years until specialists examined its contents.

A George I guinea with a mint mistake from 1720 is the star of the auction. The coin, which features two "tail" sides rather than a king's head, is anticipated to sell for $4,636 (£4,000).

A Charles II guinea dated 1675 that has the king's Latin name misspelt as CRAOLVS rather than CAROLVS is estimated to be worth $1,738 (£1,500).

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