Rory McIlroy tosses a fan's remote-controlled ball into the sea.

They create room.Even if you're not a collector, "stuff" seems to build up everywhere." When you acquire something new, sell, give, or throw something old to make room.

Junk drawers often fall onto clean, empty surfaces. Countertops and tables beg for mail and other junk. Clean people instantly fix the situation. 

Neat individuals follow a routine to keep their houses tidy. "People with pristine houses have a cleaning plan and habits,. "They clean or wash laundry every Monday so they don't be skipped

Small things can make a home sparkle. Feng Shui Mommy has a shoes-off policy. "Leaving shoes at the entrance prevents pollutants, leaves, and other floor-dirtying things from entering

Jennifer Snyder, owner of Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts in Waco, Texas, states "clutter and heaps in your house become tough to clean" Use a key hook or mail shelf in the kitchen.

 clean people don't wait until their houses look like a bomb went off. routines This may include adjusting throw pillows and folding blankets each night in the family room

Why McDonalds hates California

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