CDC weighs who needs a COVID booster and when

COVID- 19 boosters upgraded to match the latest omicron strains are due to roll out, and government advisors gathered Thursday to discuss who should do it and when.

Pfizer and Moderna's revised vaccinations offer Americans the latest protection at a vital time in the epidemic.

Tens of thousands of coronavirus illnesses and 500 fatalities occur daily in the U.S. 

These numbers are projected to rise again in the autumn.
FDA authorised half the initial immunisation and half protection against BA.4 and BA.5 omicron variants.

CDC advisers evaluated how to utilise them. The CDC's final decision precedes vaccinations.
CDC's Dr. Melinda Wharton told the panel to "simplify our suggestions."

Original COVID-19 immunizations give significant protection against serious illness and death, particularly for younger, healthier individuals who've had at least one booster.

These vaccinations target the 2020 viral strain. New mutations and time since previous shot reduce effectiveness. CDC: hospitalisation rates for seniors have risen since April.

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